Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make a reservation?

Before making a reservation, we recommend that you acknowledge our company policy. You can make your reservation both online and in written form, either via Whatsapp or e-mail. For your convenience reservations should be made 24 (twenty-four) hours prior to your arrival. For last minute bookings, you will receive a confirmation upon agreement due to our schedule and service availability.

Can I book a transfer to or from Switzerland?

Yes, you can book a to or from Switzerland by choosing them in destination point field or by email.

Why am I unable to enter an address in a pick-up/drop-off box?

Make sure to choose the city/town or the airport while choosing the route on our main page. During the booking process, you will be asked to enter your full pick-up/drop-off address.

Do I need to make two bookings for guests from different flights?

No, you can choose one and enter the flight details with which the last passenger arrives at the airport. Any possible alterations in flights (delays etc) may not allow the collection of all passengers within the allotted wait time.

Can minors travel alone?

No, minors cannot travel or book alone. They need to be accompanied by at least one adult.

How will I know that my booking is successful and confirmed?

Once we receive your reservation, a confirmation will be issued within 15 minutes. For some services, processing can take up to 12 hours.

Do I have extra charges if the chauffeur needs to wait for me because my flight is delayed?

Flight delays do not require an additional charge if your flight specified in the booking is delayed by up to 4 hours.

Do infants count?

All ages count in all vehicles as they occupy a seat in the car. They need a special child seat/booster.

Any required car can be accommodated free of charge with a child seat/booster on request.

  • Group 0+ / 0–13 kg baby seat;
  • Group 1 / 9–18 kg child seat;
  • Group 2/3 / 15–36 kg or over booster seat.

What kind of vehicles do you provide?

You can see our vehicles by visiting “Vehicles” section of our web page

What are the payment types?

Payments can be made by Credit Card / PayPal, Twint, Revolut, Bank Transfer or by cash to the Chauffeurs.

To confirm your booking, a minimum of 40% of the total amount is required for each reservation, when you accept our offer via email, you will receive a separately email with payment details.

How should I find my chauffeur?

Our chauffeurs are waiting for you in the arrivals hall inside the airport, holding a sign with your name on it.

Do your provided prices include all taxes?

Our quotation includes all charges such as VAT, luggage, child seat and free of charge waiting time in case of late arrival:

  • International flight: 60 minutes,
  • Private aviation: 30 minutes,
  • Port terminal: 30 minutes,
  • Train station: 30 minutes,
  • Hotels, offices and private residences: 15 minutes.
Do you provide a car at disposal without driver?

Our fleet is at disposal only with the accompaniment of experienced and discreet chauffeur in suit and tie.

What happens if my flight or train is early or delayed?

MySwissRide monitor flights/trains with real time status. By doing so we ensure your chauffeur and vehicle are ready to receive you and escort you to your vehicle for your onward journey.

What is your smoking/drinking policy?

Smoking and consumption of alcohol and spirits are strictly prohibited in the company’s vehicles.

For more information visit Terms & Conditions, section Behavior in the vehicle.

Do you make up a tour itinerary?

Here in the section “Tailored solution” you can order a customized transfer in all Switzerland and the neighbouring countries that will be organized according to your wishes and demands.

To receive an offer, please fill in the following inquiry form and make sure to describe the trip in detail. Specify the date and time of departure from the departure location, the date and time of the arrival to the final destination, all stopovers, their duration and any special requirements and one of our representatives will contact you soon.

Can I carry pets in the vehicle?

You can take your pet on a transfer as long as it is properly placed in the travel box or bag, without an extra charge. Please take care your pet does not disturb the chauffeur during the transfer and that the vehicle remains in good condition as it was so that it can be ready for the next customers after you.