Terms of Service

About us

The background of MySwissRide consists of over a decade of experience in the field of transport and transfer a variety of different levels of clients, locally and internationally.

In MySwissRide we guarantee:

  • top service
  • new Mercedes (E, S, V – class & Sprinter)
  • black vehicles
  • no advertising
  • no cab
  • discreet chauffeur in suit and tie


MySwissRide, Im Sandacher 16, 8154 Oberglatt ZH (hereinafter referred to as “MySwissRide”) enables its Guests to book travel services over its online platform (myswissride.ch) or through by email and WhatsApp.

These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “Terms”) are part of every agreement between Guests with the arrangement of a travel service by MySwissRide.


MySwissRide provides only trained, professional chauffeur who speak English, German and Greek.

Chauffeur’s duty times – The chauffeurs have a maximum duty time of 15 hours, a maximum driving time of 9 hours and a minimum rest time of 11 hours per day (in rare occasions it can be reduced to a minimum of 9 hours). These are legal requirements, which are observed for customers´ safety. If necessary, MySwissRide may have to assign a second chauffeur to the trip, with associated expenses. The price of this will be based on the second chauffeur’s duties and the distances involved.


Can be made following the instructions on our official website or by e-mail, or telephone (after written confirmation). The reservation is binding as soon as MySwissRide confirms the reservation.

Transfer Rides / Hourly Bookings, Changes to Service

The Guests can choose between transfer rides and hourly bookings for their Ride Request.

If, according to the express wishes of the guest, the actual Ride Request requires additional effort compared to the original Ride Request, MySwissRide should carry this out where possible. The extra effort may result in additional costs for the individual arrangement.

Changes in Travel Arrangements are subject to the availability of the MySwissRide.

In the case of transfer services the price quoted is valid for a start and destination address. An additional fee, according to the current price, accrues per stopover or waiting time on the direct route.

For hourly bookings, the trip must always end in the municipal area of the pickup location. An hourly booking always starts at the pickup time confirmed upon booking.


The Guest can choose from different vehicle classes (e.g. “Mercedes Business E-Class” ,” Mercedes Business Van V-Class”, ” Mercedes First S-Class”, ” Mercedes Sprinter” or “Special vehicles” *see https://myswissride.ch/en/our-cars) for their Ride Request.


Transport safety, consequences

Luggage, Animals

The price given in the Booking Confirmation includes the number of pieces of luggage specified on the booking form. Excess luggage, bulky luggage, or the transportation of animals not stated as an additional comment upon booking could lead to corresponding surcharges; the arrangement fee will also be higher, as stated in the Booking Confirmation.

MySwissRide reserves the right to refuse the carriage of luggage and/or animals which was/were not agreed to. This also applies to animals which are not contained in a closed and suitable transport box.

Carriage of Children

The need for safety seats for children should be requested by the Guest in the special field or as an additional comment by specifying the number and age of children to be transported as well as the required type of seating.

Number of Guests and Pieces of Luggage

The maximum number of guests and pieces of luggage specified for a particular vehicle is an estimate based on factors such as size and weight of guest and luggage. These are therefore not binding. MySwissRide can refuse the carriage of guests or luggage if they believe they compromise the space and safety conditions.

Prevention of Carriage

MySwissRide reserves the right to refuse carriage if compelling (for example under applicable laws) requirements were not at all, or not correctly, communicated by the Guest as an additional comment.

If, due to this, carriage is not possible, this has no influence on the payment of MySwissRide through the arrangement agreement with the User for the transportation booked.


Exceptional situations such as air-traffic controller strikes, extreme weather conditions, etc. can be compensated only to a limited extent, meaning that longer waiting periods or last-minute cancellations must be accepted by Guests.


Cancelations, changes to bookings & no-shows

Cancellation fees within 24h

In case of cancellation or re-booking and is less than 24h remaining until the start of the journey the full fare is to be charged. If the distance or number of hours is less than originally booked, the price remains unaffected. Short-term changes cannot be guaranteed by MySwissRide.

Cancellation fees for up to 3 days

If the period between the cancellation or postponement and the booked journey is less than 3 days, the cancellation fee is 75% of the agreed amount of the booking.

Cancellation fees for up to 5 days

If the period between the cancellation or postponement and the booked journey is less than 5 days, the cancellation fee is 50% of the agreed amount of the booking.

Cancellation fees for up to 7 days

If the period between the cancellation or postponement and the booked journey is less than 7 days, the cancellation fee is flat rate of CHF 50.-

No-Shows without cancellation, Delay to the Guest

In case of a no-show without cancellation, the Guest loses their entitlement to carriage over the MySwissRide, however this does not affect the compensation claim of MySwissRide towards the Guest.

At the airport

  • International flight: 60 minutes
  • Private aviation: 30 minutes
  • Port terminal: 30 minutes
  • Train station: 30 minutes
  • Hotels, offices and private residences: 15 minutes

Behavior in the vehicle

The following behavioural standards apply to the Guest when traveling with the MySwissRide

  • During the entirety of the ride, all guests must follow the regulations which apply to the relevant Road Traffic Act, especially the seatbelt regulations. Any instructions given by the MySwissRide must be followed. It is the responsibility of the MySwissRide to ensure a safe ride. It is therefore prohibited for guests to open the doors while driving, throw any objects from the vehicle, and/or stick body parts out of or shout from the vehicle (According to OR 41). If the Guest wishes to use any of the devices or facilities in the vehicle, a brief instruction is required from the MySwissRide.
  • Smoking and alcohol is prohibited in the vehicle. Food consumption should be avoided in all cases, except extraordinary situations, like pregnant woman, diabetic etc., at which times the chauffeur use his judgment. If the Guest, ignores this, they are liable to pay not only the cost for the cleaning of the vehicle but also compensate the loss of business due to the downtime of the vehicle.


Compensation & payment


The compensation claim of MySwissRide is specified in the Booking Confirmation.

Key factors for its amount (including reimbursement of expenses to MySwissRide for the arranged transportation service) are: the chosen vehicle class, the distance, how far in advance the ride is booked, as well as the pickup time and possibly the location.

Additionally booked special requests, e.g. multilingual chauffeur, individual vehicle labelling, additional stops, bulky luggage etc. may cause the price to increase. *(car seats for children are free of charge).

Ride Changes

Even after the conclusion of the arrangement agreement and even after the start of the ride, provided it is possible for MySwissRide the Guest can make changes.

If a ride is spontaneously lengthened (distance or number of hours) according to the wish of the Guest, the actual service (total distance or number of hours) will be newly calculated and priced according to the current price structure. In the case of hourly bookings, each additional 30-minute block is considered for invoicing, i.e. from the first additional minute, a half hour will be rounded up to ensure more reliable planning.

Accordingly, the compensation claim increases for the Guest, due to MySwissRide’s expenses for the Contract of Carriage for the Benefit of the Guest increasing.

If the distance or number of hours are less than originally booked, the price remains unaffected.

Terms of payment

Cash, Twint and Credit cards.

Credit cards are accepted such as American Express, MasterCard, Visa.

To confirm your booking, a minimum of 40% of the total amount is required for each reservation, when you accept our offer via email, you will receive a separately email with payment details.

Payment is possible by bank transfer or payment link via SumUp and confirmed in writing by the MySwissRide through email, the rest of the amount due is paid at the in the chauffeur by card or by cash, at the end of the transfer.

If canceled in time, the amount of 40% (minus 1%-2% for cards fees) it will be refunded.

To protect your credit card data, we use SSL technology, and your data is perfectly safe.


MySwissRide doesn’t accept any liability for Force Majeure, traffic delays, technical breakdown, incorrect pickup and drop off information (as supplied by guest) and any other item/situation beyond the control of MySwissRide.

Any dispute arising directly or indirectly out of a contractual relationship shall be handled exclusively by the courts of Zurich, and Swiss Law shall be exclusively applicable.


A complaint arising out of an executed order by MySwissRide should be submitted in writing to ”info@myswissride.ch”. MySwissRide will do its utmost to settle any claim amicably.